Meet Our Ambassadors: Connie and Bob Booth

BoothConnie Booth explains that when she first began using Reliv products, she was just excited to finally feel like her “old self” again after a long recovery from cancer treatments for Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The potential for a business opportunity didn’t even seem a possibility for Presidential Bronze Ambassadors Connie and Bob Booth. But, they’re glad they were wrong!

Endless Possibilities

When Connie and Bob saw what Reliv did for their health, they shared it with their children and extended family. Connie says, “It was like a ripple effect. The whole family was seeing results. It didn’t take long for me to become a Distributor and then a Master Affiliate.”

The extra income from Reliv led the way to new opportunities. Connie says, “Working with Reliv enabled me to pursue a college degree – something I always wanted to do. Furthering my education and becoming a Certified Respiratory therapist has meant a lot to me.”

Stable Retirement with Reliv

“These days, you can’t count on much of anything. It’s nice to know that Reliv is something we can benefit from in retirement. It’s been a more profitable investment than a 401K or a mutual fund for us,” Bob explains.

Connie continues, “Before, we didn’t feel secure about our future, but Reliv gave us a cushion to fall back on, helped minimize the cost of sending three children off to college, and sent us on several exceptional trips! If we hadn’t found Reliv, we would be struggling like so many others in these tumultuous times. Now we have a steady monthly income. It’s the perfect scenario, earning income while helping others!”

An Opportunity for Anyone

“If you stick to it, you’ll succeed over time. We subscribe to the philosophy we hear all the time from Reliv. Simply put, if you help people get what they want, you will get what you want,” Bob adds.

Connie says, “I love that the Reliv business opportunity is available to anyone. Everyone can make a life and a business right from home.”

She concludes, “The best part has been telling people there is hope. When they feel like they’re at the end of their rope and they can’t go on, there is hope for a healthier and happier future with Reliv.”