Story: Don and Holly

PratherStern Name: Don Prather & Holly Stern
Hometown: Portland, OR
Current gigs: Don – retired, Holly – violinist, Reliv
Favorite products: “We have seen quick results with ProVantage® for muscle health and we love what Arthaffect® does for our joints.”
Activities: hiking, biking, gardening, writing
Love at first hike: “When we set up a hike as our first date, I thought, ‘I’ve gotta find out more about this woman!’ We’ve been hiking together ever since,” Don says.
Reaching their peak: “In 2006, we did the same hike from our first date — this time with the help of Innergize!® and ProVantage. At 19 years older, we still shaved 45 minutes off of the original two hour ascent!”
Music to her hands: “Reliv has helped me keep my hands in great shape. As a musician, I love using Reliv as a preventative,” Holly says.

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