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2010 Reliv Kalogris Foundation Highlights

2010 was a successful year for the Reliv Kalogris Foundation, thanks to the amazing network of Distributors who contributed to the cause. Check out some of the highlights, and let’s make 2011 even better! Donations: Donations received in 2010 surpassed any other year for the Foundation. We realized a 21% increase over 2009.

Mission Walk: We had the highest number of participants with over 90% of those attending Conference joining us for the Walk and bringing in over $40,000 for the Foundation.

Mission Trips: For the first time ever, Reliv provided winners of a sales promotion an opportunity of a lifetime. These Distributors visited our feeding programs in Malaysia, Haiti and the Philippines. Their experience was captured on our latest DVD where they shared their experience and showed other Distributors what a difference the Foundation is making in the lives of so many.

Nationwide Registration: With nationwide registration complete, the Foundation is now able to receive donations from anyone interested in supporting our work. Distributors, family, friends, customers and businesses can now make a tax deductible donation.

Network to Nourish: Distributors throughout the United States are now able to hold events in their state to benefit the Foundation. As several Distributors have already found out, promoting the Foundation also promotes Reliv and promoting Reliv helps you build your business.


Donor Recognition Project: The addition of Donor names on our website and recognition of our $500 + Donors in the RKF room at Corporate has been well received by our Distributors.

Facebook: This is a great way to stay connected with the latest updates and testimonials we receive from our feeding programs, as well as interaction with our Donors. We look forward to hearing from you. Check it out here!

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