6 Simple Ways to Make Your Home a Weight-Loss Haven

Home should be all about comfort. But not necessarily comfort food. Here are some tips to turn your home into your weight-loss partner.
1. Mirror, mirror on the wall. Hang a full-length mirror in your bedroom or bathroom. Not only does this ensure you’re not walking out of the door wearing two different colored shoes, but it also gives you a chance to keep an eye on your body. Think of it as a two-way mirror. You can face reality if you’re gaining weight or admire yourself if you’re losing weight.
2. Swap utensils and dishes. Those mega-size plates in your cabinet are mega-trouble for your waistline. It’s human nature to want to fill it up or risk feeling deprived. Use smaller plates and your plate will look full, even though you’re eating more petite portions. Also, forgo big spoons and consider chop sticks instead of a fork. You’ll eat slower and with more purpose, and end up eating less then you would with a fork.
3. Think outside the bowl. Instead of serving ice cream in a bowl, use a teacup or even a coffee cup. (As long as it’s not a giant cappuccino mug!) You’ll scoop off hundreds of calories and find yourself closer to the actual serving size on the ice cream carton.
4. Ban candlelight (or any mood lighting). You’re more likely to underestimate how much you eat in the dark. Shed some light on your eating habits.

5. Cut calories under water. For dessert, treat yourself to a deliciously scented bath. Bubbles and candles come in scrumptious scents like cocoa and vanilla. Or try appetite-suppressing green apple or peppermint.

6. Pump up your TV viewing. Keep a set of hand weights next to the couch. Even if you’re engrossed in your favorite show, your arms can still be pumping. Once you get going, you may even decide to stand up to do some other weigh-lifting moves. And once you stand up, you may decide to start walking out the door for a brisk 30-minute walk. And once you walk, you may decide to jog. And… get the picture?

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