Eye-Catching Mobile Display

This blog entry was submitted by Double Platinum Ambassador Richard Vance of Clayton, CA.

015 Key Director Cecilia Miskic from Hayward, CA came home from conference just bursting with excitement over the prospects that the new product, 24K could offer. She and her husband are building contractors by trade and have really been hit hard by the economic collapse. She has been seeing steady growth in her business while introducing Reliv in more traditional ways, but coming out of conference she decided to step it up a notch.

011 Having used vehicle screen advertising before in her construction business with great success, she decided that 24K offered the perfect opportunity to do it again. The dramatic colors and graphics that are associated with the new product were perfect for creating an eye catching mobile display.

In speaking with her this morning she related that she has already received many inquiries about our products. I think this is a great example of in your face, no excuses, over the top, do whatever it takes marketing… and I think it’s terrific!014

~by Double Platinum Ambassador Richard Vance of Clayton, CA.

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