Breaking the Fatigue Cycle





Our daily activities zap our energy and can leave us feeling worn out, unfocused and stressed. 24K offers a healthy new solution by addressing the underlying problem — the fatigue cycle. Physical fatigue and mental fog go hand-in-hand, and stress is a leading contributor to both. These three factors continue in a vicious cycle, leaving you feeling exhausted and unable to get the most out of your day. To be truly effective, a formula must address all three of them.

24K’s comprehensive formula targets the entire fatigue cycle. Rather than masking symptoms with stimulants, 24K nourishes your body with 24 clinically proven ingredients that work synergistically to provide the fuel for healthy, real energy.

A Healthy Alternative

We’re not doing our bodies any favors when we consume the most popular, caffeine-packed energy drinks. Caffeine works by stimulating the central nervous system, heart, mucles and the blood pressure control centers, providing an artificial lift to make you feel like you have more energy.

Caffeine intake can lead to jitters and a “crashing” feeling once the stimulant wears off, leaving you more exhausted than you were before. Exessive intake can lead to more serious problems: unhealthy heart rate, restlessness, anxiety,  difficulty sleeping and withdrawal symptoms. In fact, the Mayo Clinic advises that serious medical problems such as fainting or heart attack can occur if massive amounts of caffeinated energy drinks are consumed before vigorous exercise.

24K meanwhile contains 24 powerful — and healthy — ingredients backed by clinical research to tap into your body’s natural vitality and promote peak performance. These include:

Omega-3 Fatty Acids — instrumental in the function of brain cell membranes and proven to help improve learning and memory

Resveratrol — improves blood flow to the brain, enhancing brain performance and focus

B Vitamins — essential for the body’s energy production and optimal brain function

Beta Alanine — reduces fatigue, improves strength and endurance

Coenzyme Q10 — brain-enhancing nutrient and central to cellular energy production

Valerian Root — provides “alert relaxation,” or energy without the jitters; shown to reduce stress in those experiencing anxiety

Gama Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) — serves as a neurotransmitter that reduces anxiety; controls the brain’s theta waves and increases endorphins

24K: Your Questions Answered


Reliv set out to develop 24K for a simple reason: a lack of healthy options in the widely popular energy drink market. And there are even fewer products that also address mental focus and stress relief. Countless products promise energy, but how that energy is delivered — through caffeine and loads of sugar — can be unhealthy. These stimulants only mask symtoms and fail to address the root of the problem: the fatigue cycle.


Led by Dr. Carl Hastings, Reliv’s product development team selected the cutting-edge ingredients in 24K based on the most up-to-date clinical studies available. These ingredients were then formulated to work synergystically to address contributing factors to mental and physical fatigue, such as the way our bodies naturally produce energy, brain cell function and blood flow to the brain.


When we say 24K is a game changer, we mean it. Reliv has created a real solution to the fatigue cycle.  There is nothing like 24K anywhere else on the market — it’s the most healthy energy shot available today.

Healthy energy for body, mind & spirit

Everyone knows what it feels like to be tired. But more and more Americans aren’t just tired, they’re exhausted — both mentally and physically. Our schedules continue to get busier as we strive to balance work, school, family and everything else we do. We need added energy more than ever before.

It’s no surprise then that the energy drink market is booming. Unfortunately, most people turn to energy products containing stimulants that can do more harm than good. Loaded with caffeine, these products provide an artificial lift leading to an inevitable crash. That’s not to mention the potential for an accelerated heart rate, anxiety, trouble sleeping and even withdrawal. In fact, the levels of caffeine in some popular energy drinks have many regulatory authorities concerned in several countries worldwide, prompting more strict regulations and warning labelling.

At Reliv, we felt compelled to provide a healthy alternative. Meet 24K, our first ready-to-drink product and a healthy way to deliver real energy through real nutrition. Rather than relying on stimulants, 24K contains 24 health-promoting ingredients proven to address all three factors in the fatigue cycle: physical fatigue, mental fog and stress.

No other product on the market delivers the nutritional punch of 24K. Just compare labels and see for yourself. If you’re looking for a healthy source of energy for body, mind and spirit, this is your shot!

To your health,

Dr. Carl W. Hastings,  Reliv Vice Chairman & Chief Scientific Officer

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