Top Tools Tips

From videos to flipcharts to guidebooks, Relìv provides proven tools to help you build your business. Try these tips to help you get all you can out of the tools in your arsenal.

Fast Start Guide

For speedy, simple sponsoring and immediate action, it doesn’t get any easier than the Fast Start Guide.

● Carry a supply with you wherever you go. You never know when an opportune moment will present itself.

● Give copies to your customers. They know the products work; let them see how the business works too.

● If someone is filling out a Distributor application, don’t let them put the pen down! Have them start filling out the Fast Start Guide right away.

● Go long distance and mail hard copies or send the electronic version via email.

“Take a prospect’s fear away by stepping them through the process using the Fast Start Guide before they even get started.” – Bronze Ambassadors Chris Toriello and Mark Gauger.

‘Four Pillars’ Videos

For the full Relìv story in a powerful, convenient package, nothing beats the Relìv Is the Answer/’Four Pillars’ videos. (For additional tips, check out the how-to guide under “downloads” on

● Ask your prospect what questions they have about Relìv before you show the videos. Chances are, most of their questions will be asked and answered right on screen.

● Personalize the videos. Share your own stories and relate the video content to your prospects’ own experience. Use time between videos or pause during the question breaks in each one.

● After an appointment, give the DVD to your prospect to take home with them — especially if they are there without their spouse — then follow up.

● Use the videos on or your personal website for long-distance appointments.

Leading Distributors think these videos are fantastic, and industry experts agree. The Four Pillars videos were recently presented with a Gold MarCom Award for Video Production.

Presentation Suite (Book, Slides and Flipchart)

Relìv updated all presentation materials in 2010. The result: a dynamic look and feel to match the message they deliver.

● Numbers or no numbers? Identify which works best for you — having the names and numbers filled in on the compensation plan pages or filling them in yourself — and choose to use either the Presentation Book or Presentation Workbook accordingly.

● Familiarize yourself with all presentation tools so you’ll be ready to share Relìv with any size group: one on one – book, a few people around a table – flipchart, room full of people – slides.

● Make the presentation your own. Insert personal stories when possible and share your excitement at all times. Your own enthusiasm is more powerful and effective than anything included in the materials.

“I went into a local store and introduced myself as a small business owner reaching out to other small business owners.  I followed up later by taking the flipchart to the store and shared the Relìv opportunity. The store owner and her daughter both joined as MAs that month!” – Director Shauna Pope.

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