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Julie Moeller This blog entry was submitted by Bronze Ambassador Julie Moeller from Brentwood, CA.

To guide a new Distributor, I explain the importance of:




4.) IMPLEMENTING (ACTION) for success!

IDENTIFY their “Top 10” list of contacts, then PRIORITIZE who we will contact first.  We STRATEGIZE together and set up appointments (and often a home presentation) right away to “kick off” their business so the Master Affiliate order is moved within 60 – 90 days.   

Our ACTION  for follow-through is critical for success…we are really seeing great momentum!  As we work through our “TOP 10” contacts every week, and it has proven to be fun and extremely profitable!  Our new distributors experience momentum and build to the Master Affiliate Position much sooner, and our new Master Affiliates are earning the Master Plan Bonuses!  Putting money in distributors’ pockets is absolutely essential – it builds excitement and success is contagious!

The Distributor Fast Start Guide helps a brand new 20% – 30% Distributor think “bigger” and move to the Master Affiliate level, especially when we go through these stages. The Fast Start Guide works perfectly with the guidance I have always used.  Often when I help a new distributor to get started, I have found that he/she is more concerned with the “how” and “action” before the prep (strategy) work.  As we know, teamwork is key for proper business growth!  The Fast Start Guide is the perfect way for me to incorporate the way I train my Distributors with the simple steps outlined in the booklet.

● First, I show page 6…. “Making a List” (IDENTIFYING)….I speak about the “unlimited wedding list”…we jot down as many people as possible who need Reliv for health and/or finances. 

● Second, I speak about PRIORITIZING on page 7.  We take this strong list and pick out the “TOP 20” we will call and introduce people to Reliv. 

● Third, via page 8 , as a team, we take the time with STRATEGIZING.  This crucial step will help us determine “how” we will approach the TOP people. 

● Last but not least, we will take action (IMPLEMENTING) to follow-through for appointments….this will involve sharing Reliv’s story and other like-stories to make this a true success in building serious business!

~by Bronze Ambassador Julie Moeller from Brentwood, CA

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