Has this ever happened to you?

This blog entry was submitted by guest bloggers Chris Toriello and Mark Guager, Bronze Ambassadors from North Yarmouth, ME.

You introduce someone to Reliv in all the right ways: Presentation, stories, upline introductions, etc.  They’re excited and ready to get started. You stress the importance of Master Affiliate as their best option to earn the most from their efforts. Everything feels right.  You send them the distributor application.  Then, they drop off the face of the earth and you find it impossible to reach them.   So what happened?

It’s likely one of three things: 

1. Their spouse or significant other shoots their decision down.

2. They don’t know what the next step is so they don’t take any step.

3. They are either afraid to do the MA order or can’t get the credit to do so and it’s all or nothing. If they can’t be a Master Affiliate they feel like they are better off doing nothing.

So, how do you get around these roadblocks?

1. Get their spouse or other decision-maker in their life to the table early on so that you can counter any objections before they arise.  Then you have an advocate in their corner who won’t get in the way of your prospect’s decision.  

2. Be sure you know their problem enough to help them see that Reliv is their best solution. If you’ve dug deep enough, people will see you/Reliv as the answer.  If not, they’re likely not to make any decision and use excuses to avoid you and Reliv.  Also, take away the other fear they have – Fear of the unknown.   Most times people hesitate because they are afraid of the unknown.  Take that fear away by stepping them through the process before they even get started so they can see how easy it will be when they do get started.  Give your prospect the Fast Start Guide via e-mail (you can send it right from the Reliv website).

3. Use the Master Plan Bonus as a goal for their first month so they can see that no matter what level they start in Reliv, their goal is to work with you (their upline) to do enough appointments to sponsor three distributors at any level in Reliv.  Look what may happen when they do this: 

Talk to two new people per day for the first month, set 20 appointments, sponsor 3-4 distributors and likely 10-12 new customers. 

Now, what if 2 of those distributors become quick starts?  That’s 1,400 in pgpv.  What if a third distributor becomes a Master Affiliate? That’s another 5,000 in pgpv.  You’ve just shown your prospect how to get to Master Affiliate this month and earn from $100 to $350 in bonus + another $200 to $400 in retail profit + potential wholesale profit of $210 to $460. (Using 20% to 40% profit margin). That’s over $1,200 in profit their very first month?

So, what do you think they’ll duplicate with their three new distributors? 

Keep in mind that the Master Plan bonus is a perfect structure for distributors at all levels.  Help a 20% distributor to sponsor three distributors and they can become MAs their first month. 

It all boils down to this: Taking Action!  Simply helping people find people who don’t know about Reliv and tell them about Reliv!

~Chris Toriello and Mark Guager, Bronze Ambassadors from North Yarmouth, ME.

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