Reliv Boosts Performance

Susan Spiegel Master Affiliate Susan Spiegel of Gas City, IN, has been taking Reliv essential nutrition for years to stay healthy. But after adding Reliv’s sports performance products to her nutrition regimen, she discovered what Reliv could do for her running performance.

Susan was surprised by how quickly her muscles recovered after a long run. “It just blows my mind that I can run a long distance and not be sore afterward. In fact, now I can even do an afternoon of yard work after a run,” says Susan, who has run an annual half-marathon for the past 15 years. “After adding ProVantage® and Innergize!® to my training regimen three years ago, I ran my best time ever!”

“I love Innergize! There is just nothing like it. I drink it throughout my races instead of the beverages that are provided. It keeps me fully hydrated even on the hottest days,” she explains.

Susan plans to continue her athletic and healthy lifestyle for years to come. “Veteran runners have warned me that eventually my knees and joints will give out on me,” she says. “But I just tell them, ‘I’ve got something for that too!’ and then let them know about Arthaffect®.”

At her annual half-marathon in October, Susan dropped four minutes from her previous year’s time, finishing fifth in her division of 283. She says, “I felt so good afterward — strong, no joint pain and amazing muscle strength and recovery! Without Reliv, I know I couldn’t be the athlete that I am today!”