Reliv Wins Gold MarCom Award for Video


“The Four Pillars of Reliv” video earned a 2010 Gold MarCom Award from the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals. The MarCom Awards is an international creative competition that recognizes outstanding achievement in marketing and communication. This was the first year Reliv entered the MarCom award contest.

The four pillars of Reliv are Company; Products; Opportunity; and Mission. The four portions of the video can be seen separately on our website or all on a single DVD.

About the MarCom Awards:

MarCom Award winners range from Fortune 500 companies to international public relations agencies to local ad clubs to individual communicators and marketers.

The Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals received approximately 5,000 entries in 200 different categories. This year approximately 18 percent won Gold awards. In addition to Gold Awards, judges also award Platinum and Honorable Mention awards.

Marcom statuettes weigh about three pounds and stand 13 inches tall. They are designed by the same artisans that craft the Oscar and Emmy Awards. Money raised by the competition is used to provide marketing materials for homeless shelters, orphanages, art centers, childcare and programs for the elderly and disabled among other organizations.

About the Four Pillars:

The videos can be accessed through the home page at and on Relìv’s personal websites, and also are available for purchase on DVD.

“The videos are absolutely fabulous —masterpiece tools that enable Distributors to share the whole Relìv story in a very contemporary, state-of-the-art, professional manner and reach the growing media-savvy market,” Bronze Ambassador Chris Toriello states. “And having separate ‘mini videos’ that address each of Relìv’s four pillars — the Company, Products, Opportunity and Mission, plus the Comp Plan — allows us to easily tailor our presentations according to the interest of our individual prospects, making it faster and easier to reach new levels in Relìv!”

Presidential Bronze Ambassador Mary Light says, “I contact a lot of people who’ve previously been ‘on the fence’ with Relìv, and I present the video to every new customer and prospect who wants to know more about the products or opportunity. I drive traffic to my Relìv personal website, where the videos are prominently displayed, and I keep a copy of the DVD in my purse to hand out to people I meet while out and about in our community.”

For more great ideas on how to use the presentation videos, download the Presentation Videos How-To Guide now available on the “Bonus Materials” page under the “Handouts” tab at Relìv University.

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