‘Slimplicity Has Changed My Life!’

clip_image001 Christiana Kergosien of Nashville, Tennessee, has undergone a remarkable turn-around thanks to Relìv’s Slimplicity® Weight Loss System. “Three years ago, I was introduced to Relìv by my sister,” Christiana says. “I saw the difference in her, and in my first month on the products I was getting great results — I sailed right through the fall allergy season!
“After seven months on the products, I saw improvement in all sorts of female concerns,” Christiana adds. So when Slimplicity was introduced in February 2007, she decided to try the system to deal with the weight issues she’d had since college. 
“I lost five pounds in the first three weeks and over eight months, I lost 42 pounds, 12 inches off my waist and went from a size 16 to a size 6!” she exclaims. “It was just amazing.”
Now Christiana feels like a completely different person. “My self-confidence is high,” she reports. “I feel younger, healthier and more vibrant than I ever have. I’m running faster and longer — two to three miles every day — not bad for someone who was an emotional couch potato. And my food cravings have disappeared.”
In December, Christiana left on a six-month mission trip to Africa for her church. “I have no concerns about potential health issues there because I am in such vibrant health, thanks to Slimplicity and Relìv,” she says. “I’m a different person and I love it!”