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Running With Relìv


Ginger Nocera, of Washington, D.C., wasn’t going to let anything prevent her from participating in a marathon — not even a stress injury to her left foot.
“I was determined to run this marathon,” says the 26-year-old, who trained six months before she experienced a setback. “Everyone in my training group had one kind of injury or another. This marathon was in Hawaii and only three weeks away. I wasn’t going to cancel.”
Ginger turned to Relìv for help. She’d known about the company and the products for years, but admits she was never consistent with taking them properly.
“My best friend’s family has been involved with Relìv for a very long time,” Ginger says. “I guess I just took it for granted.”
She started constantly taking three powerful Relìv shakes a day and had great results. She completed the run and wasn’t affected with heat exhaustion or other common post-marathon complications.
And her Relìv results are still coming. She’s waking before her alarm each morning and her problems with irregular menstrual cycles are also better.

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