Resting Easy

clip_image001 As a Presidential Bronze Ambassador, Joyce Mann of Haysville, Kansas, knows from experience that Relìv nutrition works, so she’s been willing to try new products, including Slimplicity® and GlucAffect™.
Joyce discovered Relìv eight years ago when she was helping her husband, Marvin, battle the terminal colon cancer that eventually took his life. She found relief for the joint discomfort, fatigue, allergies, brain fog and short-term memory problems that had plagued her for 25 years.
“I was only 60 years old, but felt like I was 80,” Joyce recalls. “I started on Relìv and my energy went through the roof. I could finally get up and down the stairs again.”
Joyce was also able to shed 15 pounds with Relìv’s Slimplicity and has recently started adding four scoops of GlucAffect to her daily Relìv shakes. She’s been pleased with the results.
“I was having some night sweats and waking up feeling heavy and tired because of a low thyroid condition,” she says. “But since I’ve added this new product, I’m having deeper sleep at night and even more mental clarity. My blood pressure is better, too.”