Better Mom on Reliv

Dillard20061004 Being a mother was something that Heather Dillard, a seasoned labor and delivery nurse from Springfield, Missouri, wanted for as long as she could remember.

After ten years of infertility, Heather now stays at home with her six-month-old baby boy Declan, and she’s happy to share the amazing way Reliv made her dreams of motherhood come true.

“Not being able to get pregnant for so long was a nightmare, especially since I worked around new mothers and babies,” she recalls.

Heather suffered from mensturation cycle problems. Intrigued by the health results she experienced from taking Reliv products, she increased the daily amount of Relìv shakes. After six weeks, she had her first natural cycle in ten years.

She and her husband, Jason, were delighted to discover she was pregnant almost right away, but their son entered the world three months premature and weighed just under two pounds. Despite discouraging odds for survival, tiny Declan grew stronger. Heather credits the Reliv-enriched breast milk that nourished her son. Declan is home now and weighs a whopping 14 pounds.

“He’s beautiful,” she says. “Just beautiful.”