Special Events Are “Total Fun!”

This blog entry was submitted by Quila Buhler, Silver Ambassador from Oregon City, OR.

Getting People There

MAT school was included in every conversation!  We sent emails out to our area every few days.  We just didn’t start building a week before, we started building in June – the day after that MAT school ended!

Friday was a great event and for those individuals who even had the slightest interest in building a business with Reliv we highly suggested that they take the time to get a better look at what this is all about.  Some people enrolled as a Distributor – we also had a person in our area come in at the highest level Friday night and join Reliv as a business partner.  What people took from that is that they could do the business…. “I can do the business!”

The Special MATS Format Generates Excitement!

This MAT format provided a much more intimate relationship between the presenter and the attendees.  We shared with our group that this would be more of a “meat and potatoes” type meeting rather than just going through slides.  The ambassadors would do more sharing from experience and walking the walk.  Being able to help people overcome obstacles that they may have in moving forward in their business.

Advice for Upcoming Events

Everyone should be looking at the event board and looking at all of the cities where the MATs are being held.  Then identify friends, family and acquaintances you have in those areas and get them to those meetings!  Truly take advantage of an opportunity that could put your business light years ahead – and I’m not saying that lightly!  Don’t make the decision for that individual in another state or city.  If you do not make them aware, it’s an automatic “no!”  If you were working for someone else and they told you that you would earn $8K a month but in order to do that there were steps you needed to take – one of which is to have at least five new people on Friday night that are interested in Reliv – you would do it.  We work harder for other people, it’s time you started working just as hard for yourself!

The MAT schools in September were absolutely the best yet!  The Distributors who attended the MAT schools came out of that weekend with strength, confidence and most of all vision.  They know where they are headed.  Those three hours in my opinion were three hours that truly transformed people’s lives.  What transformed during those three hours were distributors who attended questioning their involvement with Reliv to distributors knowing that this is going to get them from point A to point B in their life and it’s not as difficult as they make out to be.  Everyone saw real people, sharing real stories, sharing real results.  Total fun!

~ by Quila Buhler, Silver Ambassador from Oregon City, OR.

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