Team Reliv is Moving!

Team Reliv’s Exercise Club is off to an amazing start! As of today, participants have logged in more than 5,300 hours of exercise! (That’s a lot of moving!)IMG_8396

The brand-new program has been very well received by Distributors and customers alike.

Here’s some of the favorite activities logged so far:

  • 420 hours of aerobics!
  • 321 hours of running!
  • 292 hours of sports!

The most favorite activity by far has been walking, with 1825 hours logged!

Here’s a few posts from the Team Reliv Facebook Page!


Kathy Post Herrin – “I love watching that blue line crawl up the chart!!! I find myself adding a half hour of walking to what I’ve already done that day, or pushing myself to dance for an hour instead of 30 minutes, just so I can see the blue line go up!! And if I miss my regular exercise time I find a way to get it in on another day, so that I don’t fall short for the week, which is actually unheard of for me! Yay Team Reliv and the little blue line!”

Cheryl Minor Stewart – “Three months ago I never dreamed I’d become an exercise animal! I mean, I had not exercised for 4 years. Now I’m doing 1 -2 intensive classes a day plus riding my new bike. 15 miles yesterday! The best part is that I am truly enjoying every minute of it! Thanks to the exercise club, I am motivated to keep going!”

Robin Kalayjian Hazerjian – “Enjoyed swimming with my children, walking and now running. I feel so much better now that I am moving and have committed to myself to be consistent with adding this facet to my personal health prescription that I am writing for myself. Yay! Let us be a strong and healthy T.E.A.M – Together Everyone Achieves More! Go TEAM! We are the future. Let’s show and tell everyone!”

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