Be The Brand!

This blog entry was submitted by guest bloggers Chris Toriello and Mark Guager, Bronze Ambassadors from North Yarmouth, ME. Guager

Mark and I have always been so proud to represent Reliv and love finding new and fun ways to brand Reliv and create an exciting buzz in our communities and wherever we travel.  From our Reliv flag in our driveway, to our license plates, to having the Reliv logo on and with us at all time is crucial to our success.

The first thing we make sure we have is a great Reliv wardrobe.  Mark has an array of great Reliv polos and t-shirts and in addition to my Reliv shirts, I also make sure I wear my Reliv pin and even my nametag wherever I go.  Just recently we returned from a vacation and as we boarded the plane, the flight attendant saw Mark’s shirt and asked, “What’s Reliv?”  He shared his story briefly and she asked for our business card to learn more. It was just that easy!

We carry our Team Reliv water bottles whenever we go on appointments or when we’re out running errands. I have our Relivables sweetener in my purse and I pull it out when we are at restaurants and getting coffee.  We always leave our Reliv business card with a nice note on the back whenever we pay a bill – you never know who may be looking for an opportunity and a note on the back of our card gets their attention to turn the card over and see our logo. 

People are always curious when they see something new and conversations start so naturally when a person asks, “What’s that?”  What can be more exciting that the message of hope and opportunity that Reliv provides?  I love it when we meet someone who says they’ve seen our logo somewhere, that it looks familiar to them even if they can’t remember where they’ve seen it; that’s the beginning of branding. 

When people see an image over and over again, they begin to get comfortable with it.  It softens our market and creates an environment of curiosity and an openness to learn more. Branding is an important part of our daily Reliv job description and it’s part of the fun we have every day sharing Reliv!

~ by Chris Toriello and Mark Guager, Bronze Ambassadors from North Yarmouth, ME.