Promoting Health Inside and Out!

Catherine Moran from Quakertown, PA, was in the cosmetology field for 25 years, so she has a background in helping women find the right skincare products. Now a Key Director, Catherine uses the phenomenal Relìvables r Collection to build her Relìv business.

Catherine has been hosting Relìv parties with potential Distributors and retail customers. At the gatherings, Catherine makes shakes for everyone to sample, and lets them test the skincare products. “It just makes sense to pair good nutrition on the outside of your body with the nutrition on the inside. After all, you want to be healthy inside and out. That’s why the skincare and the nutritional shakes go perfectly together!” says Catherine.

To get women excited, Catherine gives a free mini facial treatment to the party host as a gift and to anyone who signs up as a new Distributor as a signing bonus. “Women love being pampered and a mini facial and shake party is the way to go!”

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