No More Missing Out Thanks To GlucAffect

BrendaFettig2 Brenda Fettig, a Reliv Director from East Helena, Montana, didn’t realize just how unhealthy she was until she started feeling better with Reliv.

“I think sometimes you just don’t realize what you’re missing out on,” says Brenda, who was diagnosed as a Type II diabetic in October 2007. “Diabetes runs in my family on both sides, and I knew I was at risk, but I guess I was so busy putting everyone else first, that I didn’t take it seriously.”

Brenda and her husband have four children and served as foster parents for 13 years. She says she was tired and sick much of the time, and also overweight. She’d already lost 100 pounds when she started taking Reliv. The products gave her relief from chronic sinus and ear infections.

GlucAffect® did even more for Brenda, relieving tingling and numbness in her feet and reducing the spikes and drops in her blood sugar levels.  “Now, when somebody has a birthday, I can eat a little cake and ice cream without a problem,” she says. “I’m so thankful because I feel so much better. I’ve got to take care of myself because I need to be around for all of my children.”