Living a Normal Life Again

Johnson2 Greg and Gail Johnson, of Olympia, Washington, found GlucAffect® makes the difference in their now-healthy — and normal — lifestyle. Greg is a Type II diabetic who came to Reliv six years ago. Using Reliv’s essential nutrition, he was able to bring his blood sugar levels down considerably to a pre-diabetic level that averaged 110-120, and saw his blood pressure and cholesterol return to normal levels.

The introduction of GlucAffect® was the final piece of the puzzle for Greg. “Last fall, I went on GlucAffect® regularly and my blood sugar has come down another 15%, to below 100. I’m really excited! My doctor says if I can keep my levels here, I may never experience any of the complications of diabetes!”

And the diet in the Johnson household? “I watch what I eat,” Greg says. “Gail is a great cook, and with GlucAffect®, the occasional hamburger or pizza — or piece of cake — doesn’t send my blood sugar levels back up.

“There are a lot of people with diabetes issues,” Greg says. “And GlucAffect® has given us a lot of opportunities to talk with people. There is so much interest in this product.”

“We absolutely love Reliv,” Gail adds. “We’ll never be without GlucAffect®, and the energy and good health it has brought to Greg!”