Good Nutrition Changes Lives – At Any Age

Vic Linden of Fairfax, Virginia, is 84 years old, a WW II vet and a retired carpenter. In 2005, Vic suffered a devastating stroke. “I couldn’t do anything but eat and sleep,” recalls Vic. “My vision had gotten so bad that my ophthalmologist told me I couldn’t drive and I was plagued by stiff joints.” VicLinden(1)

In September 2006, Vic started on Reliv. “I noticed a difference right away,” he says. “Before I knew it, I was taking long walks and working in the yard.”

Vic had a long-time passion for competitive archery, but after his stroke he didn’t know if he could even draw a bow. In 2007, Vic tried competing again. In the seniors category in a competition in Virginia, Vic came away with a silver medal, a feat he’s repeated for the last three years.

“When I went back to my eye doctor, he was amazed by the improvement in my vision,” Vic says. “And I’m hardly aware of the physical limitations that used to hold me back. With God’s help, and Reliv, I’m going to have a good life. Reliv is great!”

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