GlucAffect Offers New Hope for Daughter

When Senior Directors Capt. Steven and Dee Ann Lucks of Idaho Falls, Idaho, first heard about Reliv GlucAffect®, they literally cried for joy.

“Our daughter was diagnosed with diabetes at age nine, and has suffered from this chronic, debilitating disease for 12 years now,” Dee Ann states. “So we were honestly overwhelmed that Reliv had developed a product that could help her.

“Our daughter has what her doctor likes to call ‘Type III’ diabetes, because she has the symptoms of both Type I and Type II diabetes,” Dee Ann continues. “Type I, because her pancreas no longer produces insulin, and Type II, because she is insulin-resistant.”

On the morning that the Lucks’ daughter started on GlucAffect®, her fasting blood sugar level was 292, well above the normal range of 70-to-100.

“Within eight days of taking four scoops of GlucAffect® per day, her blood sugar had dropped to 151,” Dee Ann states. “Over the next six weeks, it dropped to as low as 63, with an average of 136!

“The clinic where her doctor works has been involved in diabetes research for the past ten years, and everyone there is very impressed with her results,” Dee Ann adds. “There is no other product out there that can do what GlucAffect® does — it truly is ground-breaking.”

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