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Flourishing With Reliv Now for Kids

“To watch my child flourishing is wonderful,” says Kim Smith, a Reliv Master Affiliate from Franklin, Indiana. But Kim’s three-year-old son, Eli, didn’t always enjoy good health.

Eli suffered from several food allergies and asthma, and trips to the emergency room were common. His breathing problems and allergies kept him indoors while other children played outside.

A friend familiar with Eli’s health issues gave Kim a can of Reliv Now® for Kids. Kim was skeptical, and the product sat untouched in her pantry for two weeks. “I didn’t want to take the chance the ingredients would cause an allergic reaction,” Kim explains.

When she finally introduced Eli to the product, she witnessed an astounding improvement. “With better nutrition in his body, Eli is a changed boy!” she says.

Kim is thrilled her son can now enjoy the outdoors with his family. “He loves hunting, fishing and camping with his dad,” says Kim. Some of his favorite activities now include tee ball and playing outside with his dogs.

Kim looks forward to a healthier future for her children. “Sharing Eli’s story with others has been amazing. I’m really excited that my kids will grow up with Reliv nutrition in their lives!”

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