Better Than Ever at 50

Senior Director Bill Guilford of Alpharetta, Georgia, has always done the right things to stay in shape. He eats a healthy diet and exercises regularly, doing both cardio and weight training. Yet, seemingly out of nowhere last year, Bill started to gain weight.

“I wound up gaining fifteen pounds, mostly around my mid-section,” Bill recalls. “I figured it was just a part of turning 50.”
“When GlucAffect came out, I immediately called my mom to find out who she knew that had diabetes and could benefit from the product,” he continues. “And I was shocked to find out that diabetes runs rampant in my family — my aunt, uncle and both sets of grandparents all have the disease.”

Concerned that perhaps he was experiencing the onset of diabetes, Bill began taking GlucAffect four times a day, while maintaining his diet and exercise regime. “I’ve since lost 18 pounds and am literally in better physical shape than I was in my twenties,” Bill states. “And my blood sugar level is in the mid 80s, which is fantastic. “Now I know that I don’t have to look a certain way just because I’m older,” he adds. “This product is phenomenal!”