A Year Full of Huge Moments

Rogers It has been one “miraculous” year since Heather Rogers, of Newburyport, Massachusetts, started taking Relìv products.

Heather was spending her days on the couch, either sleeping or crying from the pain of a mysterious neurological disorder that doctors couldn’t diagnose. She couldn’t walk, speak clearly or swallow, and she had no use of her hands.

“I felt like a burden on my family,” says Heather, a wife and mother of three, who started improving with Relìv’s basic nutrition. “One day, I was strong enough to walk by myself from the couch up to the kitchen. It was a huge moment.”

Today, Heather can do just about anything, including playing baseball with her children and bowling. She was even able to help coach her daughter’s cheerleading squad.

“Just the year before, my husband had to help me get up and down the bleachers so I could watch,” she says. “As I share my story, I’ve learned that there are a lot of people out there with non-specific neurological disorders. Knowing what I know about this great company and its product, I don’t ever want to see someone sitting on the couch with no hope. I have to share it.”

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