A Bit of Brotherly Advice

BrianEdelstein22 About a year ago, Brian Edelstein was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Brian, who lives in a Chicago suburb and works as a project manager in the printing industry, immediately changed the way he ate and stepped up his exercise program. He did everything his doctors advised.

When Reliv introduced GlucAffect® last November, Brian’s brother, Alan, suggested that he try this new product to help further reduce his blood glucose levels.

“I thought I should try it if it was something that could help more,” remembers Brian. “So I started taking one scoop of GlucAffect every day with my morning coffee. Within a couple of weeks, my blood sugar levels began to dip.”

Motivated by those initial results, Brian began mixing GlucAffect with other basic Reliv products in regular morning and evening shakes. A recent blood test revealed that his A1C level had dropped from 6.5 to 6.0 since he began taking GlucAffect. Brian says he is sleeping better and has much more energy.

“It’s exciting to feel better and to talk to other people experiencing the same positive results,” adds Brian, who has since become a Master Affiliate. “I can’t say enough great things about this product!”

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