New Senior Directors!

The new Senior Directors were just announced during the “Road to Presidential Director” session at 2010 Reliv International Conference. Kudos to you!

  • Maria Alicia Acuna and Manual Rivas
  • Cory and Jennilee Bird
  • Myriam and Franck Bouvattier
  • Roger and Donna Brady
  • Guadalupe Castillo Carrillo
  • Tony and Theresa Chandler
  • Tom and Marilyn Clark
  • Pedro and Teresa Colima
  • Colleen Cope
  • Esperanza Duarte
  • Susan Evans
  • Anne Favrot
  • Terry and Joy French
  • Wanda Garraway and Queen Banerbie
  • Ura and Betty Gingerich
  • Maria Gutierrez
  • Dory and Steve Hey
  • Roxann and Michael Jarvis
  • Fannie and Vernon Kinsinger
  • Ken and Rosemary Martin
  • Father Michaels
  • Yost and Edna Miller
  • Etelbina Mondragon Ortiz and Gloria Bernal
  • Nancy and Greg Orne
  • Patricia Perez Asencio and Ana Kaura Guiterrez
  • Franvoise and Pierre Puolizac
  • Florence and Elo Sauder
  • Sandy and Larry Short
  • Albert and Barbara Shrock
  • Dr. Alex Tambro
  • Jennifer Thompson

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