New Master Directors!

The new Master Directors were just announced during the “Road to Presidential Director” session at 2010 Reliv International Conference. Kudos to you!

  • Vianey Alarcon
  • Nikki and Doug Bernard
  • Myriam and Franck Bouvattier
  • Tony and Theresa Chandler
  • Patricia and Mearl Clayton
  • Jovita and Alfredo Colima
  • Pedro and Teresa Colima
  • Gwen and Bud Goodsell
  • Mair Hill
  • Fannie and Vernon Kinsinger
  • Ron and DeAnn Miller
  • Leonard and Margaret Nafziger
  • Susan Santner
  • Florence and Elo Sauder
  • James and Debra Schnefke
  • Sherri and Mark Selman
  • Janice Serrani
  • Carolyn Sneath
  • Fern and Dan Utz
  • Evelyn and Robert Uy
  • Regina and Michael Walters
  • Etelbina Mondragon Ortiz and Gloria Bernal
  • Patricia Perez Asencio and Ana Laura Gutierrez
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