Congrats July Bonus Winners!

Last night’s opening program at International Conference was even more thrilling for the July Volume winners! Congratulations to all of you on your achievement! Click here to see them onstage!

  1. Lori and Russ Doerneman
  2. Ura and Betty Gingerich
  3. Fannie and Vernon Kinsinger
  4. Crismon and Vivienne Lewis
  5. Emmy Mitchell
  6. Albert and Barbara Shrock
  7. Aurora and Raul Paredes
  8. Jim and Sandy Schaben
  9. Gloris Nowack
  10. Janet Lizotte
  11. Dave and Betty Blazic
  12. Enid and Will Glassgold
  13. Lisa and John Cooper
  14. John and Jacque Hayes
  15. Scott and Laurie Prindle
  16. Steve and Joyce Holthaus
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