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My First Reliv Conference

This is my first Reliv International Conference ever. And I have to say, I could not be more excited. Less than two hours until the show starts, and I can’t stop smiling!

Walking around downtown St. Louis you can tell exactly who the Independent Reliv Distributors are (and not just because they are wearing the Reliv logo on their shirts, hats, bags…) The real identifiers are the broad smiles and knowing nods. It is as though they know something the rest of the world should hear! And they do!

It is great to be part of something so big! I am ready to get this show started and I am glad I get the opportunity to share the Reliv vision right here, as it is happening!

Is this YOUR first Reliv Conference? Share your “newbie” experience right here on the blog!

~Annie Haarmann, Marketing Communications Specialist, Reliv International

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