Meet Our Ambassadors: Albert and Barbara Shrock

Can’t Keep Quiet about Reliv

When Albert and Barbara Shrock found Reliv, they couldn’t keep it to themselves. “I was doubtful that powder in a can could improve my well-being and help my fatigue, explains Barbara. “But once I tried it, I felt better than I did as a teenager and I exploded with excitement! There was no way I could keep quiet about what I had discovered!”

The Oak Hill, OH Silver Ambassadors appreciate the extra time they have with their five children now that they are running a home-based business. “Family is our number one priority. And since this business has enabled Albert to shorten his work day as a carpenter, and allowed me the freedom to work from home, our family relationship is much stronger now,” says Barbara.

Another added benefit of the Reliv business is the flexibility it offers the Shrocks to travel. “We were able to travel to a family wedding recently. We couldn’t do that before because we had to focus on working as much as possible to make our payments,” says Albert.

“I feel like we have to pass on this hope to others, and not keep it all to ourselves,” said Barbara. “It really makes us happy to see our downline succeed. When they get a bonus check, you feel like you helped them along the way.”

While reaching the Ambassador level is a milestone, the Shrocks say it will not change the way they operate their business. “We don’t focus on what level we are – we just keep doing the same thing over and over because we know the best way to help others is to keep things simple” say Albert and Barbara.

“This business has given us a totally different outlook on life! We have a future now!”