Billboards Build Business

This blog entry was written by Presidential Director, Cindy Nutter-Landon from Avoca, NE.

One thing we’ve tried recently with a lot of success is billboard advertising. We’ve done these billboards very successfully.  Of course, I always recommend that new distributors work their hot and warm markets first before turning to the cold market.  Advertising is expensive so I’m very cautious about spending without getting results.  I would have to say this has produced more business than any other thing I’ve done in all my Reliv business.

Initially we put up three billboards and four Distributors went in together on the cost of each one, so 12 of us split the leads.  Those billboards produced 20-25 calls daily.  We found that having the billboard on the right hand side of the road at a stop light at a high traffic/upper income area worked best.  And, there’s something about the sign.  It evokes a response from people.  I really think this particular advertising grabs people’s attention – so we don’t have any plans to change it right now.  We leave the billboard up in one location for 1 or 2 months.

Cindy's Billboard

I field all the incoming calls, which can become a full-time effort in itself, but well worth it for the leads generated!  I get the name, number, best time to call, why they want to work from home and give just a little info about Reliv.  Then I tell them that a business associate (one of the 12 invested in the billboard) will be calling them to set up an appointment so we could all meet.  I also say very good things about my partner to help the new person be excited for that next call.  My business partner will then plug them into the next Tuesday or Saturday meeting while getting to know them personally.  If it’s not possible for either Tuesday or Saturday, then we would do an individual appointment.  We try to meet with each person within three days of their initial request.

-Cindy Nutter-Landon, Avoca, NE, Presidential Director

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  1. Cindy,
    We heard your live call yesterday evening (March 9) and would like to know the number to access the recording of that call. We would like to share the stories from the call if possible.

    Mike & Judy Brahan

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