“Mr. Reliv” Hits the Streets

This blog entry was submitted by Key Director Marco Riolo from Grand Rapids, MI.

I stand in the busiest part of my city, in the same spot, same time, dressed in my business attire, holding my Relìv sign above my head. I have been doing this since March 9th 2009, Monday through Friday, in every weather condition. My Relìv sign has my email address on it and a little message approved by Reliv compliance.

This has made my city of Grand Rapids, Michigan, very curious to what the young man with the big smile on the corner is doing. I’m known as ‘Mr. Reliv.’ Horns honk, people stop, I receive email inquiry and relationships are started. I get stares, laughs, thumbs-ups and as a result the city is getting to know who I am and who I represent. Their getting to know the hope of Reliv and what our company has to offer in health and finances.

-by Key Director Marco Riolo, Grand Rapids, MI.

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