Friends and Family Bring New Prospects

This blog entry was submitted by Greg and Rhonda Uebelhor, Presidential directors from Ferdinand, IN.

The best success we have had lately is with our meetings. We have had great success with having people invite some family and friends over to take a closer look. We bring prospects in and it all starts with a simple question, “Who would YOU like to help?”  We serve samples of Now and Innergize, soy nuts, granola bars and other snacks.

We usually start with a brief introduction and then let them see the heart of our company by viewing the Kalogris segment on the Four Pillars DVD.  We follow with letting them meet our CEO, Robert Montgomery on the company segment of the DVD.  Our next step is to talk about each product.

The next part of the meeting is focused on learning more about how to get involved.   We explain how customers can get started and pay retail, or maybe they would like to save money on the products and get them wholesale.  Some things we mention:

● Did you think of others who could benefit?

● I was able to “consume my Reliv products for FREE” by helping some friends get started taking the products the very first month!

● I earned $350 and paid for my entire family of ten’s consumption of the Reliv products!

When you show others how they can pay forward the blessing, a business begins to bloom.  Then we share our own success story and explain the compensation plan.

-by Greg and Rhonda Uebelhor, Presidential Directors, Ferdinand, IN.

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