Big Sign Brings Big Leads

This blog entry was submitted by Bronze Ambassador Cassandra Mocilan from Bloomington, IL.

Zora Esposito and I teamed up to post a message on an interchangeable message center outside of a showroom on U.S. Highway 51 in Bloomington, Illinois. Our sign debuted the Monday before International Conference and ran for a week. Our phone rang off the hook while we were at conference, and I had two appointments set up before the sign had been up 48 hours!

We were returning calls during lunch breaks at conference to try to keep up! Through that one sign, we received 24 calls, did six appointments, added three customers and sponsored one quick start — all relatively inexpensively. We just split the cost of the sign and leads as they came in.

by Bronze Ambassador Cassandra Mocilan, Bloomington, IL.

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