Reliv Drink Recipe: GlucAffect® Ideas

On the day of the roll-out we came home excited to get started on GlucAffect®. Some tried it in hot tea and loved it. Others added it to their regular shake and liked it even better. But I mixed mine in hot apple cider. WOW — that was the best one of all!
Submitted by: Barbara & David Ellison of Illinois

I mix my GlucAffect® in my morning coffee, iced and with a scoop of chocolate Slimplicity®. Delicious mocha and so filling! This is my daily breakfast. Thank you, Dr. Carl!
Submitted by: Nellie Williams of Arizona

We really enjoy our Reliv breakfast of hot oatmeal, hot rice or hot cream of wheat with a serving of GlucAffect®. It gives it an extra dash of cinnamon. Just add your favorite nut (walnut, pecans), raisins or whatever you prefer and breakfast is a whole new experience! Fresh fruit on the side… yum!
Submitted by: Sara & Ed Stock of Missouri

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