Hall of Fame: Linda and Richard Vance

vances2Reliv is a melting pot of opportunity.

Double Platinum Ambassadors Linda and Richard Vance of Clayton, California, credits her own success in Reliv to an entrepreneurial mentality and the understanding that you must give in many ways before you receive. “Focus and effort make all the difference,” she says. “Reliv is not a hobby to me but a serious business. Early on, it may seem like you are working hard for very little. But later on, you will likely be working very little for great rewards.”

Linda is a huge fan of the three-way call. “It advances the process much faster and is a wonderful way to match people with similar situations or conditions,” she explains. “The call becomes a ‘sharing’ experience, not a ‘convincing’ experience — which is what makes it so simple.”

One of the most important lessons she says she’s learned is not to prejudge people. “As we understand and respect each other’s needs in this country and abroad, we will also appreciate that there is vast opportunity out there.” She goes on to define four areas where Distributors may make false assumptions.

“First, prejudging whether someone is a candidate for this business. Second, making assumptions about whether a person will be receptive to network marketing. Third, thinking you know whether or not someone can afford our business or products. And finally, making judgments as to whether your upline is qualified to lead you. Prejudging in any one of these areas can tremendously hinder your business. Conversely, being open-minded can help you and your business reach amazing heights!

“I truly believe in Reliv’s objective to nourish our world,” Linda concludes. “With this common goal as our guidepost, we all have the potential to succeed regardless of background or culture.”

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