Meet Our Ambassadors: Janet Lizotte

JanetBeauty, from the inside-out.

For years, Janet Lizotte was making people beautiful on the “outside” through her field of cosmetology. As a salon owner, she understood the power of “word-of-mouth” advertising, and therefore always loved the MLM industry. Eighteen years ago, when a client introduced her to Reliv, she finally found a company with a product that worked, a compensation plan that was very generous and a very integral management team.

As a busy hairdresser and salon owner, working 60 plus hours a week, Janet never “went out” to do Reliv, but ALWAYS did Reliv while she was “out” doing what she was doing! As the head varsity cheerleading coach at the high school, and a busy mom raising three daughters, she started sharing the Reliv products and business opportunity wherever she was. Weaving in the Reliv business around her busy schedule, Janet earned between $400-800 a month, which was a great extra stream of income for her!

After her middle daughter went off to join her oldest daughter in college, Janet started to put a little more time into her Reliv business. Soon her checks grew to $1,000 a month and that got her attention. The more she treated her Reliv business like a business and not just a side thing, it started to pay her like a business and not just a side thing! When her checks grew to $3-4,000 a month, she sold her salon to do Reliv full time. Devoting full time attention to growing her business by helping the people in her organization reach their goals, Janet reached her goal to become an Ambassador with Reliv,and later that year, the Presidential Ambassador level, earning $8,000 in one month!

Since her youngest daughter was in high school, Janet had been a “stay-at-home mom” working her Reliv business from home, earning a six-figure income. Her youngest entered college in the fall of 2009; she feels blessed to have been able to be there every day when her daughter came home from school or practice, working her business around her schedule. “The best is yet to come,” says Janet of her Reliv business. “I love what I do! For years I made people beautiful on the outside, and now I’m helping them on the inside! I will never stop sharing Reliv with people, for I have truly found a home in this great company.”

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