Meet Our Ambassadors: Sharon Mathews

Sharing the gold from the inner circle.

Trying to get well had drained nearly all of Sharon Mathews’ savings before Reliv. The Plano, TX, resident had been looking for help with her chronic fatigue with little hope left when she found Reliv in June 2000. Her leap of faith in the products and business led her on the path to reach Presidential Silver Ambassador and Inner Circle in fall 2003.

“I was impressed with the quality of the company and the people,” Sharon says. “People on the products had such clear skin and eyes and a healthy glow. I jumped in with both feet at once — for my health and finances. I felt Reliv was guaranteeing my success so I had nothing to lose.”

A Decision Worthy of Success
Before Reliv, Sharon’s worries escalated as her bank account shrank. She wondered how she would pay for her daughter’s upcoming college education. Because the single mother was so worried about income, she took real estate classes and had just passed the exam for her Texas real estate license when she discovered Reliv. “I knew I didn’t have enough energy to do both real estate and Reliv and my heart was in helping people,” Sharon says. “So I set my new real estate license aside and devoted my energy to Reliv. Then, taking the products gave me more energy and clarity each month.”

She says her first defining moment in the business was at International Conference. “I saw that the leadership was topnotch. This was a company I could be passionate about and sure about. It was worthy of my time and I felt it was a good match. Then I went to Master Affiliate Training School. Everything — I mean everything — about Reliv impressed me and I wanted to be successful.”

Corralling Goals and Lassoing Dreams
Sharon got her business off to a galloping start by leading with the business. She signed on as a Master Affiliate in June 2000 and sponsored her first Master Affiliate in July. The next month she added another Master Affiliate. “I went right to work with them and used all of Reliv’s Success System, including weekly meetings, trainings, conference calls and 3-ways,” she says.

In January 2001, Sharon wrote down her goals for the first time. “That whole year, we did a lot of goal planning,” she says. “It made a huge difference. Every morning, I would review my goals and think about what I needed to do that day to make them happen.”
The successful strategy was a dream maker. “What’s exciting to me is that I can donate more to charities and provide a good education for my daughter,” she says.

Sharon feels reaching Inner Circle is just the beginning. “When I reached Inner Circle, I said, ‘OK, who am I going to meet next to help achieve their dreams?’ It means so much to know thousands of people have gotten health results because so many good people work together. But many more people need the business and health results. With Reliv, we’ve got the gold.”