Meet Our Ambassadors: Scott and Laurie Prindle

Embracing a purpose-filled life.

In the spring of 2003, Scott and Laurie Prindle of Tetonia, Idaho, Reliv Silver Ambassadors and Inner Circle members, needed to turn things around. They had recently lost their investment in a ski and bike shop that was dominating their lives, and the church at which Scott served as pastor was unable to fully support them financially.

A Conference Epiphany
After a year on the products and with little to lose, they agreed to attend the Reliv International Conference that summer. “I had tried and failed with three other direct marketing companies,” Scott admits. “I didn’t expect anything out of the conference, but I knew I had to take a look.”
As it turns out, the money they borrowed to take the trip would be the best investment they ever spent.
“Conference was an epiphany for both of us,” Laurie explains. “We saw how Reliv brings hope to people’s hearts and lifts them up. We also met many wonderful people so passionate about what they were doing. We knew we had found something special.”

Mission Accomplished
The Prindles decided to make their Reliv business succeed no matter what. They plugged right into the Reliv System and established weekly meetings in their rural area with help from their friends over the phone. Gradually, their business flourished.
For their congregation, the Prindles’ success came just in time. “We had relied on the church to help us when times were tight,” Scott admits. “Just when the church was no longer able to help us, we were able to help the church. Now we’re both doing great. Who knows? Reliv might have saved the fellowship.”

“Our mission in life is to glorify God by serving people,” Laurie continues. “Reliv has enabled us to accomplish that mission in more ways than one.”

A Renewed Outlook
Scott and Laurie say Reliv has also helped them grow personally. “When you let the Reliv stories into your heart, it opens you up to the needs of others,” Laurie says.
“It has helped us to look outside ourselves.”

“Working 60-80 hours a week in that shop had hardened me toward other people,” Scott explains. “Conference reminded me that people are of eternal value, and we built our business based on that.  As a pastor, I can’t tell you how much this renewed outlook means to me.”

Freedom to Live Fully
Joining the Inner Circle is a significant step for the Prindles. “We feel grateful and humbled by this achievement. Every advancement we’ve made in the company just makes us want to give back that much more.”

They say the personal freedom afforded by their business impacts their lives every day. “I feel like we’re living the life we were always meant to live,” Laurie raves. “Our two teenage boys are spending their last year at home. Now we get to enjoy being around for them.”

“I have to confess to being a bit of a ski bum,” Scott says. “Now when it snows, I get to look out my windows at the mountains and say, ‘Why not?’”

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