Meet Our Ambassadors: Peggy Perry

perry2Making a difference with Reliv.

Peggy Perry of Norton, MA, spent 20 years as a registered nurse before she found Reliv.

“After learning about the products and getting incredible results, I was thrilled to learn about the business opportunity,” she says. “I was frustrated in my nursing career because it seemed I was only helping people live with their illness instead of getting better. With Reliv, I help people prevent illness and regain their health.”

Peggy’s business took off immediately and within six months she was laying the foundation for a huge organization.

“I worked very part-time around my family and built an organization that today spans the globe,” Peggy explains. “After eight and a half years, I’m a Bronze Ambassador with an average monthly income between $10,000-12,000.”

Last year Peggy’s son broke his neck and she was unable to work for nine months. But, because her organization was already built, she never had to worry about a lull in income or losing her business.

“My son is doing good now and we have since adopted a daughter from Russia,” Peggy says. “Reliv enables us to help others find a better way of life and achieve our dreams.”

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