Meet Our Ambassadors: Paul and Susan Pouliot

Pouliot2Capturing the vision, fulfilling their purpose.

Susan and Paul Pouliot, Presidential Silver Ambassadors in Sussex, New Jersey, couldn’t see themselves getting this far when they joined Reliv 11 years ago.

“The picture that was painted for us by our upline was beyond what we could grasp at first,” Susan recalls. “But we had people who believed in us and could see where we were going, and our vision began to grow as a result.”
As the Pouliot’s vision grew, so did their business. Today, they lead an international organization of more than 1,500 Distributors and have earned as much as $13,000 a month with Reliv.

“To think we started out with the goal of just replacing the $500 I was earning cleaning houses,” Susan muses. “But as we discovered, if you continue to do this business right, before you know it you’re at Presidential!”

“‘Doing it right’ simply means remaining committed to sharing Reliv,” Paul adds. “And using every element of the Reliv System to reach your goals.”

“As a home-schooling mother of five children and a pastor of a small church, we didn’t fit the corporate definition of a ‘serious business builder,’” Susan notes. “But the Reliv System has allowed us to keep our family first, while incorporating our business into our every day life.
“For us, Reliv isn’t a job, but a lifestyle — and an amazing one, at that!” states Susan, adding that the couple’s main passion is expanding the ministry they’ve built over the years. “Reliv has blessed us with the tremendous gift of freedom and the opportunity to pursue our full calling in life!”

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