Meet Our Ambassadors: Pam and Dean Thielen

Pam Thielen

Giving quality to life.

Reflecting on sixteen  years as Reliv Distributors, Hall of Fame Members and Presidential Silver Ambassadors Pam and Dean Thielen of Elkhorn, Nebraska, are amazed at how their lives have changed. Not only from a health standpoint — Pam suffered from fibromyalgia before Reliv — but in the quality of their lives. But most amazing to the couple, is that they have been able to improve the lives of so many others as Reliv Distributors.

Finding Reliv 
Pam, who is a former nutritional lifestyle and weight management consultant, recognized the importance of supplementation. She found Reliv while researching a supplement to recommend to her clients.

“I had experienced minor results on prescription supplements,” she explains, “so I knew supplementation worked. What sold me on Reliv was the simplicity and completeness of the products.”

Pam joined Reliv at the highest profit level and began sharing Reliv at the same time she started on the products. “The money-back guarantee gave me confidence that I had nothing to lose,” she says.

The Power of Stories 
The Thielens agree that the most difficult part of building their business early on was realizing that they could not succeed by themselves.
“We are constantly borrowing on the strength of others,” Dean explains. “We depend on our upline, our downline and Distributors throughout the world to share their stories and experiences. Even today, our appointments aren’t complete without third-party validation.”

Pam adds, “The stories we share are literally what’s happening to people around the world because of Reliv. With Reliv, there is so much potential to have a major positive impact on people’s lives. The satisfaction of knowing I am doing something purposeful is huge and continues to drive me.”

Learning to Listen 
When people talk, the Thielens listen. But it wasn’t always that way.

“When you have products as great as Reliv, you have a lot to say,” Pam explains. “However, we’ve learned that by listening more and getting to know people, we can introduce Reliv in a way that addresses their specific needs. And what Bob Montgomery says is true — by helping others get what they want, what you want will come.”

A Two-Parent Home 
Pam and Dean put a lot of energy and enthusiasm into building their Reliv business. By consistently working with their upline and getting in front of people, they’ve been able to grow their income each year — starting at about a $1,000 a month their first year and swelling to an average of $20,000 a month today.

What this financial stability has meant to the Thielens more than anything is the ability for both parents to be home raising their children and spending time doing the things they love. “We have been able to both be home since our children were 4 and 5. We have gotten them through college debt free.”

Looking Ahead 
Pam says that someone asked her recently if she was considering retirement. She responded, “How can you retire from work that is exciting, fulfilling and enables you to help people dream? We have something so valuable to offer people that we can’t stop talking.”

Advice for New Distributors

“Treat it like a business and take continuous action! Your business is up to you. Never stop talking to new people. Build relationships with those that you introduce Reliv to and help them truly understand Reliv. IT IS UP TO YOU!”


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  1. This is desi I started reliv like 2 years ago . losted contat . would like to join again.. 712-352-2496 thanks

  2. This is desi I started reliv like 2 years ago . losted contat . would like to join again.. 712-352-2496 thanks

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