Meet Our Ambassadors: Norm and Denise Williams

WilliamsNormHope abounds with Reliv.

For Norm and Denise Williams, their journey with Reliv as Presidential Silver Ambassadors, has been all about hope. “Our business began with a small ray of hope that, perhaps, we really could change our lives with Reliv,” Denise says. “And we’ve since been able to see that hope carried out in other people who also want to change their lives and be a part of Reliv’s great mission.”

Hope was in short supply for the Williams — in terms of both health and finances — when Denise began taking the Reliv products in June 1997.

“At the time, I was dealing with chronic pain, depression and fatigue so severe that I was living from bed to sofa — home schooling my four children from a reclining position much of the time,” recalls Denise, a former teacher. “Things had gotten so bad that I truly believed my best years were behind me — and I wasn’t even forty years old!”

“Yes, We Can Do This!”

Denise and Norm, formerly in ministry, also were deep in debt with no apparent way out.

“We’d tried other home-based businesses before, but never made any money in any of them,” Denise says. “But when I began to get my life back with the Reliv products, I just couldn’t keep quiet and started sharing Reliv with my family and friends.”

It was while attending their first Reliv conference that the Williams saw the potential to change their financial future with Reliv, as well. “We saw that people just like us were building successful businesses,” she recalls. “And we went from being afraid to do the business to believing we could do it.”

“That first year, while I continued to regain my health and home school our four children, we earned $1,000 per month working Reliv part-time,” Denise states. “We doubled our income the following year and, in our third year, averaged between $4,000 and $6,000 per month. By our fourth year with Reliv, we were Presidential Directors and our monthly income had risen to over $8,000.”

Living Their Dreams

The Williams’ are now debt free and enjoying all the benefits their Reliv lifestyle affords them — including the opportunity for family travel with Reliv.

“We’ve taken our family on a Reliv Caribbean cruise and to the Reliv Leadership Celebrations in Vail, Colorado, and Scottsdale, Arizona,” Denise notes.

“I’ll never forget the experience of standing with our children at the rim of the Grand Canyon, bringing to life what we’d seen and studied together in books,” she continues. “That was a pinnacle experience for me as a mom!

“Reliv has given us a vehicle for fulfilling our most heart-felt desires, and our goal now is to help many other people reach their own goals and dreams,” Denise adds. “I truly believe that my life is in front of me… and the best is yet to come!”

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