Meet Our Ambassadors: Nick Priest

PriestICA star student.

As Nick Priest of Concord, California, sees it, he’s about three years overdue in achieving Silver Ambassador and membership in Reliv’s Inner Circle.

“It wasn’t until three years after becoming a Master Affiliate that I decided to treat Reliv like the serious business that it is,” Nick explains. “That’s when my organization — and my checks — began to grow.”

Nick was no stranger to big paychecks, having worked for 30 years as a food broker in corporate America — 15 of which he owned his own business. His handsome income enabled Nick to take an early retirement in 1993, but his finances took a nose-dive two years later.

“I lost a significant amount of money — in fact, I was practically broke,” he recalls. “I had to liquidate assets just to get by.”

Grade: Unsatisfactory

“I knew I had to go back to work,” Nick continues. “And I knew I didn’t want to go back to corporate America, where I’d be required to meet someone else’s standard for performance and timetable for success. I wanted the opportunity to impact my life.”

At this point, Double Platinum Ambassador Linda Vance recognized the opportunity to approach her friend about Reliv. “Linda had been doing Relìv for years, but I never was the least bit interested in looking into it,” Nick says. “In fact, when she joined Reliv, I told her she was nuts for getting involved in a network marketing company. Good thing she didn’t listen to me, or I wouldn’t be here!”

Nick joined Reliv in 1997 and, assuming his corporate experience was all the training he needed, spent the next three years “retailing product” on his own.

“I had a big ego — I was not a good student,” Nick admits. “I wasn’t in the System — I didn’t follow my sponsor’s advice, or regularly attend weekly meetings. So, as a result, my business never went anywhere. Truth is, I was never seriously committed to this business. I had this mindset that, if things didn’t work out, I’d just quit.”

An A+ Attitude

It’s commonly said at Reliv that the only way not to succeed is to quit, an option Nick feels fortunate not to have chosen.

“The day came when I realized that what I’d been doing just wasn’t smart,” Nick relates. “I took a good look at what I had — a prize company with products that impact people’s lives and a support System that builds success — and realized the only thing standing in the way of my success was me.

“On that day forward, I became a good student of Reliv,” he continues. “Now, I’m connected to the Reliv Success System. And I learn from those who are building strong organizations. This is a serious business with serious income potential, and I truly enjoy sharing the Reliv opportunity — and people respond.”

Today, Nick considers his rising six-figure income as just one of the many aspects of his success with Reliv.
“Reliv has afforded me the time and freedom to leisurely live my life and volunteer for the children’s causes I care about,” he says. “And I’m building a great income. Anyone can build a successful business with Reliv, and I’m blessed to be one of them!”