Meet Our Ambassadors: Michelle and Stuart Nesbit

NesbitPutting family first.

Michelle Nesbit of Calhoun, GA, was working as a nurse when she learned about Reliv. She and a friend had been looking at home-based businesses, but after a year and a half of searching for the right opportunity, were ready to give up. Then Four-Time Platinum Ambassador Tom Pinnock told her about a nutritional product that could change her life, and she was intrigued.

“I was 23-years-old and already burned out on corporate America,” Michelle says. “The idea of being able to pump good nutrition into people was very compelling to me.”

Michelle began taking Reliv products and had tremendous results, getting relief from migraines and allergies, as well as experiencing more energy and weight loss. And her parents’ results convinced her even more of the power of Relìv.

She flew to Reliv headquarters to check out the company and liked what she saw. She asked her upline, Tom Pinnock, to teach her the business.

Her first month in the business, Michelle earned $1,500 working part-time. She quit her job and earned $60,000 her first year as a Distributor. By the time she was 25-years-old, Michelle was a Presidential Director earning $100,000 a year.

“I worked the Reliv Success System faithfully and talked to everyone I met about Reliv,” she says. “Including my husband!”

Michelle sponsored her future husband, Stuart Nesbit, after buying a fax machine from him in 1997. An instructional designer by day, Stuart worked part-time at an Office Depot each winter to save toward his goal of early retirement.

“It took me three months to call Michelle, but once I did, my life was transformed – first my health, then my heart!” he says laughing. The couple married a year and a half after they met.

However, despite seeing the power of network marketing, Stuart worked Reliv very part-time the first three years they were married. “I was scared about losing the security of a ‘full-time’ job,” Stuart says.

His third year in the business, Michelle asked him point blank, “What will it take for you to come home?” He challenged her to replace his income, 401K and matching contribution and she did it in 18 months.

Their daughter Chandler’s arrival in May 2001, combined with the September 11 tragedy, pushed Stuart to make the leap.

“I quit my job in September, and through November we worked very hard to advance the leaders in our downlines to new levels,” Stuart recalls.

When Cindy Nutter earned Ambassador and Dan and B.J. Stussy hit Bronze Ambassador in November, the Nesbits soared to Silver Ambassador. “We’re thrilled to be a part of the Inner Circle,” Michelle says. “But the most exciting part is all the other people in our organization who advanced to get us here.”

The Nesbits have lots of time these days to celebrate, however, the majority of their time is spent savoring time with their new daughter. “Having both of us home to raise Chandler is priceless,” Michelle says. “Reliv is not about us – we have everything we’ve ever wanted. Now it’s about everybody else.”

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