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Meet Our Ambassadors: Gordon and LaNae Mortensen

MortensonsFollowing their hearts to success.

Reliv has been an affair of the heart for Reliv Presidential Gold Ambassadors Gordon and LaNae Mortensen of Queen Creek, Arizona.
The Mortensens started their Reliv business as Master Affiliates the morning after attending a Tuesday night meeting in June 1999. At the same time, Gordon was busy with a successful data-entry company he and LaNae owned. So at first, LaNae focused on retailing Reliv.

But after attending International Conference in January 2000, they realized they needed an organization of Master Affiliates to really succeed in Reliv. “That was a turning point for us,” LaNae says.

Gordon says the conference created a “conversion of the heart.” The closer we got to the company, the more we wanted to be part of it.”

During the 10 days following the conference, the Mortensens signed four Master Affiliates and their business exploded. Just a year and a half after that conference, they became Ambassadors. The next year, they went Presidential. By the end of 2003, Gordon and LaNae had transitioned their data-entry business to their children so they could both work Reliv full-time.

“We were already succeeding in Reliv but we thought if we did it full-time we could bless even more people,” Gordon says. “In hindsight, I wish we had transferred or sold the other business sooner.”

Today, the Mortensens are making $250,000 a year and enjoying their freedom. To be successful, they focus on helping others get what they want by using all parts of the Reliv Success System. The result has been a better lifestyle, LaNae says. “Gordon and I get to travel together and have time to do things with our children. We’ve also created something that will pay us for the rest of our lifetime and our children’s lifetime.”

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