Meet Our Ambassadors: Gena and George Winchell

Winchell20070514Volunteering for a better life.

Reliv’s Silver Ambassadors Gena and George Winchell of Atkinson, New Hampshire, are busier than ever, doing what they love. George, a retired police officer, is currently serving his third term as state representative (for which he is paid $100) and puts in many hours every week volunteering for the community.

“Whenever there’s a committee to fill, they call George,” muses Gena who, in addition to Reliv, also does a lot of volunteering for the city and state.

“It’s wonderful to be able to help a lot of people in so many different ways,” Gena continues. “And it’s because of Reliv that we’re in such a good place!”

Too Good to be True?
Gena was introduced to the Reliv products 15 years ago in 1992, shortly after the death of her father from colon cancer.

“After months of caring for my father, I was not in good health — I’d whittled away to 94 pounds, and it was as if I’d died along with him,” Gena notes. “But within six months of starting on Reliv, I felt like a new person.”

After a couple people she knew also got great results with the products, Gena decided to attend a Reliv conference. “It was at conference that I saw how others were getting great results and also making money by helping people with Reliv,” she recalls. “I came home excited and ready to do the business myself.”

George, however, was less than enthusiastic about his wife doing Reliv. “He told me that the business sounded too good to be true so, therefore, it couldn’t be true,” Gena says. “But I knew I had found something really special — and that, no matter what, I had to do the business, even if it meant doing it behind George’s back.”

The Proof is in the Paycheck
Without George’s knowledge, Gena joined Reliv and set the goal of making $1,000 a month and eventually bringing her husband home from his job as a police officer.

“When I reached $1,000, I thought, ‘that was pretty simple — I’ll go for $2,500,’” she says. “And it was when I hit $2,500 and became a Senior Director that I realized that ‘yes, I really can do this!’”

It was at this point that Gena made the decision to quit her job at a florist shop in order to focus more on Reliv. “After five years of working really hard and spending every weekend and holiday away from my family, I still wasn’t being paid all that well,” she says of her job with the florist. “But with Reliv, I was spending less time and getting paid so much more.

“My income continued to grow every year after that,” Gena continues. “Six years ago, when my income reached $82,000, George looked at me and said, ‘You win — you’ve found something really good in Reliv.’ At age 47, he retired from the police force.”

Gena, who now earns a six-figure income with Reliv, notes that George recently added another priority to his busy schedule — he’s helping her with Reliv.

“We’re having the time of our lives helping others,” Gena adds. “Life is good!”

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