Meet Our Ambassadors: Dr. Manuel and Lillian Navarro

Leaving a legacy for the future.

Two years ago, Dr. Manuel Navarro of Guadalajara, Mexico, retired from his 30-year medical practice to devote himself full-time to Reliv. It was then, he says, that he truly started to live his dream of helping people.
“I’m helping unhealthy people get well, plus I’m helping them improve their finances. I could never do that as a doctor,” Dr. Navarro says. “We are traveling the world together, and receiving cash bonuses every month. This is a lifestyle we’ve all dreamed about but never thought it possible.”

As Gold Ambassadors, Dr. Navarro, and his wife Lillian, preach the benefits of the Reliv products and business daily to everyone they meet. “This is a real business, and the people who treat it as such will not only have fun, they’ll receive so many benefits they could never find with any other job,” he says. “Reliv is a legacy we know we can pass on to our sons so they will be able to enjoy the same great opportunity and lifestyle we already have.”

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